Software (Cloud Based)

Cloud-based software, also known as Software as a Service (SaaS), refers to software applications that are delivered over the internet and hosted by a third-party provider.

Cloud Base POS Software

- Production Management - Inventory Management - Account Management - POS Billing & Normal Billing (IRD Certified) - Reporting - Bundling & Unbundling - Gift Card System - Loyalty Point System - QR Integration & many more......!!

Door Lock/ Access Control System

A door lock/access control system is a modern security solution that grants or restricts access to a specific area using electronic locks and authentication methods.

Bar Code System

A barcode system employs printed barcodes and scanners to simplify inventory management and data tracking by encoding information into visual patterns.

Nurse Call System

A nurse call system is a communication solution in healthcare that enables patients to request assistance from nurses by activating a button or device, facilitating prompt response and improving patient care.

Networking & intercom System

A networking and intercom system facilitates seamless communication and data sharing between devices, promoting efficient collaboration and real-time connectivity within an organization or across multiple locations.

POS Terminal

A POS terminal is a device used in retail and hospitality industries for processing sales transactions.

Billing System :KOT,BOT & Billing Printer

A billing system in the hospitality industry incorporates components like Kitchen Order Tickets (KOT), Bar Order Tickets (BOT), and a billing printer to efficiently manage customer orders, track expenses, and generate accurate bills for payment.

Wireless QMS System

A wireless QMS (Queue Management System) is a technology solution that utilizes wireless communication to improve customer queue management by allowing customers to take virtual tickets and receive real-time updates on their queue status through wireless devices, enhancing overall customer experience and optimizing service allocation.

Time Attendance System

A time attendance system is a technology solution used by organizations to track employee attendance and working hours through methods like biometric devices or swipe cards, promoting accuracy, efficiency, and transparency in workforce management.

Waiter Call System

A waiter call system is a communication solution used in restaurants and hospitality establishments, allowing customers to request assistance from waitstaff by pressing a button or using a wireless device, ensuring prompt service and enhancing the overall dining experience.

CCTV installation

CCTV installation involves setting up cameras and related equipment for monitoring and recording activities, enhancing security and providing surveillance capabilities in various settings.